John Joseph Hamilton is a screenwriter focused on film and television. Before his acceptance into an MFA-Creative Writing program, he rigorously engulfed himself in self-study through online research, to hone his screenwriting talent. Referencing professional and expert information, he began screenwriting as a new career utilizing their knowledge to create his own scripts. That blossomed into over 20 various scripts in multiple media.


Submitting these completed works into writing contests, ensuring constructive feedback from knowledgeable experts to perfect final drafts, is a 2019 goal. He’s decided to use these scripts in his writer’s portfolio showcasing his talent to win representation, a sale or option of a script, or a job as a staff writer or reputable film screenwriter. Scripts are in multiple genres including comedy, thrillers, sci-fi, horror, and more, though his favorite is thrillers and comedies. Plus, other media utilizing scripts, like video games.


Being a Vice President of the Discord group, Future Filmmakers of America, a school club, offers ways to engage and collaborate with other students. Active profiles in various multimedia platforms and writing groups, both online and off, has its own benefits. His desire to pay it forward with involvement in these groups and websites allows opportunities to write articles and blogs from his unique perspective detailing his journey of being a screenwriter.


Aspirations to be a filmmaker, director and producer are also main, future goals. Being a lyricist and performing musician for years helped understanding storytelling structure and impact. 

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