Sitcom Pilots



Short - Webisode

Craft Of Five

Network Sitcom - Comedy

Five starving artists living in Hollywood, California striving for that big break, but can't afford the rent. So, they become roommates. Sparks fly immediately, but they have to overcome their differences before they go crazy living together. After all, "No one cares if you scream in Hollywood."


Werewolf's Warez

Network Sitcom - Comedy Horror

Lionel Gruff is a werewolf, who owns a curio shop, selling peculiar wares to monsters and creatures of the night in Transylvania, but who disappear like the invisible man when hunted by Van Helsing, another valuable customer, while Lionel courts his love, the daughter of Count Dracula who hates werewolves, and his curse and a local werewolf chapter who want him to join up with their local clan.


Cold Skullz
Feature - Thriller Horror

An enterprising ex-con in a crime organization, accepts a job; a heist of next level, stealing millions from a corrupt banker who's the estranged brother of his boss, while facing a double-cross, sharks, wolves, the Feds, and real love.


Wix Image: Mobster

Blast From The Past

Feature - Crime Thriller

A distraught, orphaned, young, man seeks revenge after his grandpa’s murder and has to trust the police detective assigned to the case to bring the killer to justice, but they both discover the now serial killer is the estranged son of the police chief, who had killed his parents 18 years ago as a police detective.


The Hive

Feature - Monster Horror

A shy, emo, senior, girl in high school witnesses strange murders in her school and town, so investigates why and soon discovers and vows to stop the popular girl behind the killings and control over the townsfolk through a hive of bees and the queen who has possessed her.

Bees at Work

Wix Image: Bees at Work

Captain Greybeard

Feature - Family Adventure

Siblings, on a family cruise, hunt for pirate treasure during an island stop and come across a castaway, dressed as a pirate captain from yesteryear, who in turn, with the youngest sibling, has to rescue them from real pirates using the island as their cache of buried treasure.

Ref: George Filippopoulos

Reference: George Filippopoulos

The Homeless Man

Short Script - Drama

A once successful, family man living a homeless existence, and on the edge of suicide, faces a bleak future until he realizes there's hope for redemption through helping strangers and a daughter's love.


Dark Forces Released

Webisode Pilot - Fantasy

A widowed, white, witch battles a long-time nemesis to prevent him from gaining ultimate power through an amulet that belonged to her dead husband. She must leave home seeking a shaman who'll help her protect or destroy the amulet from others seeking to wield its power and remove her dark curse since. calling upon dark forces to destroy her enemy.



I've always loved movies ever since I was a child. I enjoyed going to the theater, drive-in or even watching Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night. 

I tried to figure out what was going to happen before the midpoint. Sometimes I was right. Because of the obsession, I was able to pick up on the essence of storytelling and structure.

Now it's come full circle and I'm doing it as a job. What an awesome experience!


My favorite is Thrillers. I've always liked watching them like a moth a flame. However, I write in many genres. Comedy, paranormal, sci-fi, and horror make up a few scripts. But, I have drama, family adventure, crime, and romance as well. There are also combinations.


My main passion and focus are writing for Film and TV. Shorts and webisodes are something I've also crafted. Still, writing for different media is also something I'm tapping into. Animation, video games, comics, graphic novels. Wherever there's a need for a narrative story, challenging myself to write in that voice and format may prove beneficial or at least fun.


Contact me for a list of writing projects. I can provide loglines, synopsis, or treatments upon requests.

Features and television scripts are my focus and passion.

However, I write features, television, webisodes, shorts, animation, video games, comics, graphic novels, and more.